We understand the decisions you’re making. It can be hard to know where to begin. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.


Can you care for people living with dementia?

Dementia can be a difficult journey and moving into full time care may be a hard decision for a resident and their family. You must be absolutely confident that the care home you choose has the right facilities, skills and approach to support people whose lives are changed by dementia.

Our care teams receive on-going training to make sure they have communication and observational skills vital for optimum care.

When can I visit my loved one?

Visitors are welcome between 9.00am and 8.00pm. Variation of these times can be agreed by the manager of the care home. Drinks are available for visitors free of charge, meals can also be arranged if needed. Residents can see their guests in their rooms or make use of any one of our communal lounges. We also welcome family and friends to take residents out when they can.

Can we bring pets?

Most of our homes are able to accommodate small domestic pets.

Can we bring in furniture from our loved one’s home?

Yes. it is important to have familiar surroundings so we encourage residents to hang photos, bring their most cherished possessions and make the room theirs. We do require all electrical items to be PAT tested and will conduct fire risk assessments on furniture.

Can residents participate in the running of the home?

Yes. All residents have the chance to be involved in regular resident’s meetings to express their opinions and contribute to life in their care home. We also invite residents and relatives to participate in annual surveys.

What kind of service do you offer at meal times?

Premiere Care Homes offer three meals a day as well as snacks available throughout the day. Residents can choose from a variety of breakfast options, from cereal to a full English breakfast. All meals are served in our dining rooms. Residents can also eat in their rooms if they wish. Varied menus are available to suit the needs of all resident’s cultural needs.

My loved one is very sociable. What activities do you offer?

At Premiere Care we believe that activity should be at the centre of the care we provide. The activities offered vary by the home but each day is packed with activities planned and organised by our dedicated teams. If there are activities your loved one has also done for example meeting a friend for coffee every week or watching TV at a certain time, we will do our best to include this in our plans and meet these needs.

My loved one is religious, can you support this?

Yes. Religious and spiritual beliefs will be respected by our teams. If there are any religious groups they wish to attend or maintain contact with, we will do our best to make sure this happens.

My loved one has always had the same doctor, can they keep seeing them?

They can, provided that your chosen care home is within their catchment area. If not, we have excellent relationships with our local surgeries and can support you to register with the. We can also support you in any new registration needed for a dentist and offer optical services, should you require them.

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