Making the right choice is essential when selecting a home and there are many factors to consider, for our service users to feel ‘at home’ in comfortable surroundings and to be confident with the professionally structured care.


Our Aims

At Premiere Care this is the service user’s home and we would like every service user to treat it exactly as such, regardless of duration of stay. Visitors are welcome between the hours of 9.00am and 8.00pm, variation can be agreed outside of these times by the managers.

Premiere Care provide accommodation within a warm, friendly and homely environment. Equipment and décor can be modified or altered to meet the individual preferences/needs of our Service Users.

The homely feel at Premiere Care is nurtured by our staff. Our team has been carefully selected not only for their dedication to caring for and supporting the Service Users but also for their professional abilities and experiences. Staff will be helping everyone in the home to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

We take pride here at Premiere Care we are not just a home for people to reside this is their home.  

We like loved ones to play a part in this and have monthly meetings with relatives and friends and welcome feedback.

Philosophy of Care

Our prime function is to provide our residents a relaxed and homely environment in which their care, well-being and comfort are of a prime importance.

Premiere Care aims to provide its residents with a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which their care, well-being and comfort are of a prime importance.

We recognise that the number of years lived does not prescribe how a person of a given age should live, behave, think or feel. We will value life experience and knowledge and work in partnership with you to plan your care, which will include opportunities for fulfilment and responsible risk taking.

We will ensure that you are treated as an individual with courtesy and respect, protect your privacy and dignity and enable you to gain and maintain as much independence as possible. We value the role which relatives and friends play in your care and will provide support for them when needed.

All care staff within the home will be appropriately qualified to deliver the highest standards of care. A continuous staff-training programme is implemented to ensure that these high standards are maintained in line with the latest developments in care practice as may be laid down in appropriate legislation, regulation and the Care Quality Commission. 

Care planning with residents are based on the ‘person centred approach’ and ‘valuing people’; enabling residents and carers to devise individualised and realistic care plans.

Apart from providing high quality care, we offer support to maintain accessing services from other allied health professionals such as Chiropodists, District Nurses, Opticians, Dentist, etc. while you are with us at Premiere Care. 

Residents, families and friends will be invited to provide their views on the services we deliver. We believe this will allow us to constantly monitor and improve our services, thereby upholding high standards of care traditionally associated with Premiere Care.  

We hold a relative and friend meeting every month, we actively welcome your feedback.

Quality Assurance

Premiere Care has a positive approach to quality assurance. We believe that continued improvements can always be made in relation to service provision and like to gain an all round view to ensure that all key stakeholders have a say in relation to the accommodation.

Premiere Care will ensure that services provided is measured using the following methods:-

Quality Assurance and Activity questionnaires will be undertaken periodically to ensure that feedback is gained in relation to the home and any improvements that could be made

Relative’s questionnaires will be undertaken regularly.

Staff satisfaction surveys will be completed once a year for staff to suggest improvements and how they are contributing to service delivery.

Home Manager will complete monthly audits relating to key areas of quality assurance.

All of the above methods and outcome reports will be fed into the Senior Management Team to ensure that service delivery is driven via these quality assurance tasks. Senior Management Team will ensure that issues highlighted for improvement are responded to promptly.

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